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August 22, 2004

Be sure to see Michael Moore’s new movie.

Bring your friends & neighbors.

Note the scene with Peace Fresno. One of the members is wearing a peace symbol button from Peace Fresno had ordered several 100s.

Thank you, Peace Fresno!

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New window signs now available
We’ve produced 4 kinds on various 100% recycled poster board. These signs are 14” x 11” and great to put in a window of your apartment or house.
A saying for every temperament and designed to help make the peace option more visible and that’s what is all about.


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Vietnam & Iraq
As the similarities of U.S. involvement between Vietnam & Iraq grow we felt compelled to reissue the original October/November 1969 Vietnam Moratorium Peace Dove button. A classic.

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And to put it all in historical perspective, a great read is the Illustrated comic book:

Addicted to War:

Why the U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism

an illustrated exposé by
Joel Andreas.

Just a few of the reviews:
  " As a veteran of three wars, World War II through Vietnam, with 33 years of Army service, I find this book to be the most truthful recitation of our government’s policies available anywhere. "
Col. James Burkholder,
U.S. Army, Retired

  " Addicted to War is not only a witty and entertaining portrait of our military war-dependent economy but a truly relevant insight not available in mainstream media, something our children should know before they must make their choice to become fodder for the military machine. "
Susan Sarandon, Actor

  " Addicted to War should be required reading for every student in America.  I encourage educators to use it to help students understand the consequences of U.S. militarism for people here and around the world. "
Rev. J. M. Lawson
Colleague of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1957-1968

  " Addicted To War is must reading for Americans of all ages who are concerned with understanding the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and how it affects us here at home. "
Martin Sheen, Actor

  " Brilliant! This book is an excellent teaching tool and basic primer to help people understand some of the things that really drive this country. The art is fabulous and helps to take the sting out of such a grisly subject. What's really hard is making people recognize their own responsibility to do something about it. "
Michael Ruppert
former LAPD Narcotics Officer

  " This book analyzes why men are addicted to fighting and killing -- an addiction that could, in this the nuclear age, destroy all life on earth, creating the final epidemic of the human race. "
Helen Caldicott
Pediatrician and author of
"Missile Envy"

Available through at the special price of $7.00 (suggested retail $8.00) + S&H.

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Summer's not over and T-Shirts are still available. And they make great gifts!

Hope to hear from you soon.
Carl Bunin

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Aug 22 1966

United Farm Workers


Aug 22 1986

Kerr-McGee Corp.

agreed to pay the

estate of the late

Karen Silkwood $1.38

million, settling a

10-year-old nuclear contamination lawsuit.

Aug 24 1970 United

Farm Workers lettuce

strike begins.

Aug 25 1990

UN Security Council

declares embargo

against Iraq.

Aug 26 1839

The Amistad, a slave

ship, is seized by the

slaves and lands on

Long Island, NY.

Aug 26 1920

The 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women

the right to vote,

is formally adopted into

the U.S. Constitution. Celebrated as Women's Equality Day.

Aug 26 1968

Democratic convention besieged by protesters.

Police attack demon-

strators. 500 arrested.

Later called “police riot.

Aug 27 1967

San Francisco Peace

Torch begins its journey

to Washington, D.C. for

a demonstration against

the Vietnam War.

Aug 27 1983

300,000 march in

Washington on 20th anniversary of Civil

Rights March, the

second "March on

Washington for Jobs,

Peace, & Freedom".

Aug 28 1963

Martin Luther King's

"I Have a Dream" speech delivered.

Washington DC

Aug 28 1976

60,000 join Peace

People demonstra-

tions, Belfast &

Dublin, Ireland.

Peace symbol button update
Close to 24,000 peace

symbol buttons have

been sent out so far.

Thank you for your tremendous support

of this project.

Keep up the great

workand remember

all of these items are

greatways to make

peacemore visible and

canbe used to raise

funds for your



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