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"I want to say that this button company is the only one I know where you can order a small number of buttons for a reasonable price.  Many companies require that you order a certain amount of merchandise and that amount is often too high for a very small peace organization. Thank you for doing this. . . . Thanks again for the work you do and for supporting so many good organizations with your profits.  I much prefer to buy from real peace activists rather than regular commercial button companies.  And the weekly history notes are terrific."
-Cathy, Terra Haute, IN

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medicare for all overturn citizens united minimum wage
voting rights Science Matters Tax the Rich

Bernie bumper sticker

Bernie bumper sticker
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One of Bernie's main campaign issues.
Overturn Citizens United button
1.5" Union printed - Made in Detroit
1 button .65 5 for $3.00 10 for $5.50
25 for $13.00 50 for 25.00 100 for $45.00
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medicare for all overturn citizens united
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