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"I want to say that this button company is the only one I know where you can order a small number of buttons for a reasonable price.  Many companies require that you order a certain amount of merchandise and that amount is often too high for a very small peace organization. Thank you for doing this. . . . Thanks again for the work you do and for supporting so many good organizations with your profits.  I much prefer to buy from real peace activists rather than regular commercial button companies.  And the weekly history notes are terrific."
-Cathy, Terra Haute, IN


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unique 1" pins
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peace people

many more
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  - NEW -

peace beanies

peace beanie hat

two styles to choose from

"slouchy" syle
peace beanie hat slouchy

"on the cuff" style
peace beanie hat

Heather gray beanie with black and white embroidery.
Made in the U.S.A. | Union embroidered - Detroit
peace beanie hat
email your beanie photo and join the club

a few other items you may be interested in
– great gifts –

peace caps

peace symbol embroidered on a cool cap
embroidered peace symbol


100% cottom
adjustable - one size fits most

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peace cap   peace beanie cap   peace cap

Stone (natural white)





* black discounted due to over ordered inventory

peace bandanas

peace bandana

Bandanas are now more ecologically friendly using water based soft feel pigments.

$10 each

peace bandana

1 White

1 Black

  1 bandana
(1 of each)

the peace beret

charcoal beret with silver/white
embroidered peace symbol


100% wool
one size fits most

Comes with informational insert on the history of the beret and beret care.
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peace shirts
While supplies last.

several styles to choose from
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