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peace bandanas
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beret with silver/white embroidered peace symbol
Comes with an informational insert on the history of the beret and beret care.

peace beret $20.00 each
100% wool - one size fits most

peace beret
peace beret

great gift idea

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peace beret peace beret
peace beret peace beret
Who are these people? (see bottom of page)


beret history
Some claim the beret, or some similar headwear can be traced back to several hundred years BC!
During the 15th century a type of beret became popular among farm workers from the French region
of Bearn (southern France) and then among the entire French Pyrenees and Basque regions.
While in some countries it has been used for elite military units, many others have also adopted their beloved berets including Dizzy Gillespie, Ernest Hemingway, Che Guevara, the Beat generation,
John Lennon, other artists and millions of peasants all around the world.
info from: Patricia Yagüe


Punctuate YOUR personality.
Beret people
John Lennon Chelsey Dave Dizzy Gillespie Emma Ernest Hemingway
Thelonius Monk Chuck Lauren Bacall Linus Pauling Will Che Guevara
Join the club!
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peace beanies
"slouchy" syle
peace beanie hat slouchy

"on the cuff" style
peace beanie hat


peace caps
for warmer sunny weather

peace symbol embroidered on a cool cap
embroidered peace symbol


100% cottom
adjustable - one size fits most

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peace cap
peace cap   peace beanie cap   peace cap

Stone (natural white)





* black discounted due to over ordered inventory

- also for your head -
peace bandanas

peace bandana

Bandanas are now more ecologically friendly using water based soft feel pigments.

$10 each

peace bandana
1 White

1 Black

  1 bandana
(1 of each)

Peace hats make great gifts.
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