What Others Are Saying About The Buttons…

“...this is my 3rd order!! I give the buttons out as gifts to friends at the food co-op and when at a light, and I see a peace or anti-war bumpersticker I give your buttons THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! I EVEN GAVE THEM OUT AT MY DENTIST'S OFFICE MANY MANY THANKS .”
- C. H. -from Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for your prompt response to my request for 20 peace buttons! Each person I have gifted with a button has been most grateful. And the historical sketch of the symbol included on the card draws as many comments as the button itself. Not one person, so far, was familiar with the story behind the design.Thank you for your fine work." -L.S.

"I wear my peace symbol button everyday and everywhere. I wear it proudly! It's a little silent protest to the war madness that has gripped our government. And it's universally understood." - C.R.



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Thank you to: Caryn Acker, Tony Baron, Evelyn Bunin, Mitch Bunin, Ellen Duckman, Stanley Edwards, Brian Fishman, Steve Fishman, Al Frank, Peter Kleeman, Mitch Kuhn, Jeff Shulak, Linda Solomon, and all who work for peace. And a special thanks to all who came before us who have contributed to the cause of peace and non violence.

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