These are organizations/publications I strongly recommend checking out.


Air America Radio - New Progressive Talk Radio

Air America Radio       

Alternative News Network

Eric Blumrich - Great Anti-War videos

Buzz Flash - The news you won't hear in the corporate media

The Cat's Dream    Film: XXI Century "American Voices Against Bush"

Counter Punch - Daily Headlines and Breaking News

F.A.I.R. Fairness and Acuracy in Reporting

Independent Media Center

Michael Moore

The Nation Magazine - Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865


Peter Werbe

Peace & Disarmament
Americans For Peace Now - Antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities

Center for Defense Information (CDI)

Committee for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Council for a Livable World

Cost of War

Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)

Iraq Body Count

Jonah House

U.S. Military Deaths

Veterans For Peace
Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence.

Pax Christi USA - The National Catholic Peace Movement

Peace Action

Peace North-Wisconsin

War Resisters League

Civil Rights & Justice
Amnesty International - Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide

American Civil Liberties Union - Defending the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Human Rights Watch -Defending Human Rights Worldwide

United for Peace & Justice

Grass Roots Organizing
MoveOn.Org - Democracy in Action

Global Exchange - Promoting people-to-people ties

Rainforest Action Network

Vote to Impeach

Working for Change - Offers opinion, news and action opportunities

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