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guerrilla stickers
2 x 3.5 (business card size)
lick and stick them up anywhere and everywhere
16 versions per set

Union printed - made in Detroit

1 set 5.00 5 sets for $9.00 10 sets for $13.50
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trump not my ptresident sticker trump fake president sticker impeach trump sticker trump believe me sticker trump i'm a witch hunt me sticker
dump trump sticker No Trump sticker trump traitor sticker trump king of the swamp sticker trump baby balloon blimp  sticker
trump word cloud sticker trump  it's treason sticker trump public enemy sticker trump never met a dictator he didn't like sticker trump hires the best people felons sticker


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Our buttons are
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help build awareness
& start conversations about current issues
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Union printed Detroit made

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We also make
custom buttons

"…I ordered from you
because you don't sell both sides of the issue: every other site offering
similar buttons is also happy to sell
pro-Trump buttons.
You stand apart
because you're part
of the cause,
which made me feel
very happy about
ordering from you.
…I promise that
if anyone notices
the button(s)
I'll give your site
the recommendation
it deserves.
Let me add this:
we'll win."

– Jay

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