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peace beret

Punctuate YOUR personality
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War What is it Good For

From that familiar song and still on point!

1.25" diameter
Union printed - made in Detroit

Question Authority

A statement that started many of us on our journey.

1.25" diameter
Union printed - made in Detroit

  "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."
- Albert Einstein
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1 button .65
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5 for $3.00
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10 for $5.50
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Peace hearts
peace heart
  Make Love Not War
Peace Heart
  Make Love
Not War

1 button .65
  1 button .65
5 for $3.00
  5 for $3.00
10 for $5.50
  10 for $5.50
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  25 for $13.00
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Peace heart Peace heart
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