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Pocket mirrors
peace mirror

A 2.25" bright colored peace symbol
with a mirror back.

Fits easily in backpack, car or purse.
comes in a protective velour bag
A great gift!

May mix any kind of mirrors for discount.
Just add a comment to order at checkout or send us an email

1 pocket peace mirrors
assorted bright colors including white*

  5 pocket peace mirrors
assorted bright colors including white*


10 pocket peace mirrors
assorted bright colors including white*

*let us know of color requests in the comment section at checkout and we'll try to accomodate.


to build

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Our buttons are
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help build awareness
& start conversations about current issues
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Buttons are priced so
your group can use them to raise funds.
Your purchase helps make more buttons
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We also make
custom buttons

Union printed Detroit made

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Readers comment

"I want to say that this button company is the only one I know where you can order a small number of buttons for a reasonable price.  Many companies require that you order a certain amount of merchandise and that amount is often too high for a very small peace organization. Thank you for doing this. . . . Thanks again for the work you do and for supporting so many good organizations with your profits.  I much prefer to buy from real peace activists rather than regular commercial button companies.  And the weekly history notes are terrific."
-Cathy, Terra Haute, IN

with every order


Sunflower/Peace mirrors

sunflower peace mirror

1 sunflower/peace mirror
5 sunflower/peace mirrors
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Breast cancer mirrors

breast cancer mirror

2.25" peace symbol on pink with a
mirror back.
Fits easily in backpack, car or purse.

Each mirror comes in a velour bag.

Breast Cancer Bill of Rights

Early Detection
Financial Stability
Timely Care
High Quality Care
Strong Safety Net
Clinical Trials
"All we are saying is give breasts a chance"

1 breast cancer/peace mirror

5 breast cancer/peace mirrors

10 breast cancer/peace mirrors

breast cancer mirror

3 slogans:
• "Early detection is at your fingertips"

• "Prevent breast cancer"
• "Breast screening saves lives
  1 breast cancer/peace 3 slogan mirror
5 breast cancer/peace 3 slogan mirrors
10 breast cancer/peace 3 slogan mirrors

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