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Celebrity Corner

Seen with a peace symbol button from

Steve Bucemi
Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs
Tony Danza
Angela Davis
Al Franken
Tom Hayden
Jesse Jackson
Patrick Kennedy

(Ted's son)
Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

Lila Lipscomb

(Mother from Fahrenheit 9/11)
Kate Markowitz
(James Taylor's back-up singer)
Michael Moore
Esai Morales
Bill Press

(author of "10 reasons Bush must go!")
Barack Obama

Utah Phillips

Tim Robbins

Martin Sheen
Jerry Springer

In the news

JULY 2004
Tim Robbins wins Oscar wearing a Peace Button!

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button worn in
Michael Moore's movie

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another mother for peace is a member of




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Liberal: n. One who is generous; one who favors greater freedom in political or religious matters; one free from prejudice or narrow thinking.
Antonym: stingy, mean, bigoted, or CONSERVATIVE Webster's International Dictionary
Union printed Detroit made
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Show support for the good people
of Ferguson, MO.
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Coming from
Central America
seeking a better life

Deport the Racists
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Show opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline. Support Renewables & Green Jobs.
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peace beret

Punctuate YOUR personality
Great gift for you and loved ones
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minimum wage

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Very popular

A button inspired by Gandhi
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Here to stay

It's a step to

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the come back city

Show the LOVE
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Readers comment

"I want to say that this button company is the only one I know where you can order a small number of buttons for a reasonable price.  Many companies require that you order a certain amount of merchandise and that amount is often too high for a very small peace organization. Thank you for doing this. . . . Thanks again for the work you do and for supporting so many good organizations with your profits.  I much prefer to buy from real peace activists rather than regular commercial button companies.  And the weekly history notes are terrific."
-Cathy, Terra Haute, IN


Over 116,957 peace sign buttons
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Show your support for our Post Office, your letter carrier and postal workers.
Don't allow conservatives to dismantle and privatize it.

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What Others Are Saying About The Buttons…

"Just received the package of button clips and two VERY cool "no new war" buttons. Thank you very much. You put out a superior product. Keep up the great work you are doing. Peace in our time. P.S. ...wore your peace t-shirt and peace pin to the Dixie Chicks concert held at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington. We had many people stop and say "nice pin" or "great shirt"." -from Aberdeen, Washington

• "Thank You for having such great products with the most important message....peace.

I'll wear them as proudly as I did in the 60's."
-Port St. Lucie, FL

"What a great website! You're really making the most of your opportunity to raise people's consciousness... I'll pass your website address along to my friends." -V.R.

• "I got the buttons in Friday's mail ... and there are now a lot of folks walking about Dallas with peace buttons. The dozen (or so) that are left will be distributed at a dance tonight. Thanks again for geting them to me so quickly ..." -- Bob L


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